A new approach to swimming

Despite its benefits, swimming can be the most boring sport.
Especially when the quality of instruction fails to remain as a priority and the training becomes a routine.

The school is dedicated to developing every child into a masterful, confident, and happy lifelong swimmer, by:
1. Providing a consistent quality instruction that gets the best and fastest results.
2. Motivating the students (and parents!).

Baby Swim (3-24 Mnth)

This class is designed for babies and their parent(s), Class emphasis is on fun and safety. Children ages 3 months to 2 years develop water entry, explore submerging to the mouth, nose, eyes and completely bubble blowing, front kicking, back floating, underwater exploration and more, Explore buoyancy on front and back, change body position and learn safety information.


We strive to teach students how to become safer in the water and how to be the best swimmers they can be in a caring, yet firm learning environment.

Our philosophy is to customize a teaching style that works best for each student based on age, abilities, desire and other factors that are specific to each individual.

Why is sport Benefits to children?
Physical activity/inactivity.
The role of schools.
The role of parents.


Ozone Club Jnah, Kornish Bldg, Sultan Ibrahim

Reserved for group classes for people living in Western Beirut.
Principle: Abed Ayyad P: 961-76-969094

Olympia Club Fanar

Reserved for group classes for people living in Eastern Beirut. Principle: Pauline Asmar P: 961-71-969094

Radisson Martinez Ein Mraysseh, near Phoenicia

Reserved for private classes, where coaches & swimmers can benefit from a calm, disturbance-free enviroment. Principle: Mohammad Sakr 961-3-969094

LAU Madame Curie, Koraytem

At your door

We can send a professional coach to your house in case you have a swimming pool.

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