Train to Compete:

This level is a transition phase and a preparation period to make the swimmer ready to join the ProSwim Competitive Team

Swimmer 1

  • After finishing all levels, the swimmer will start combining between his regular training sessions at the academy and 1 to 2 supplementary training sessions with the team.
  • The swimmer-at this level-will learn the discipline of the team, how to follow others in training, the swimming terminology, as well as getting exposed to the team’s advanced training drills and tests


Swimmer 2

  • Sometime later, and after getting used to the idea of being present and practicing with the team, the swimmer will limit his regular training sessions at the academy to 1 and join the team for more.
  • That way, we ensure that he/she are still stressing on the correct technique till he jpin the team completely.


Swimmer 3

  • At this level,the swimmer is more comfortable and familiar with what our team does
  • The Child is then tested to know his level (Tables level)
  • Successfully passing the test, makes him/her a member of the team which means participating in competitions under the name of ProSwim Competitive Team.