At what age should my child begin swim classes?

Our aqua baby classes begin with babies as young as 3 months old.

The sooner the better..!!

The majority of swimmers who explored the aquatic environment at a younger age mastered the water and usually are more natural, confident and comfortable there!!

How quickly will my child move to the next level?

Each child develops and learns differently and at his own pace. Many factors play a role here.

Learning to swim CORRECTLY doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of PRACTICE and PATIENCE to achieve the best results.

What should I do if my child cries throughout the lesson?

You should NOT WORRY!!

It’s totally normal & common for young inexperienced children to feel anxious, stressed and concerned in a new environment.

Be patient and leave it to our skilled & friendly coaches to introduce your child and get him acclimated to the pool, the water, the lesson and to the coach himself.

Lots of swimmers started crying in the pool and turned out to be amazing swimming champions.

How are children placed in the specific levels?

Our swimming learning program is based on both age and swimming ability.

Your child will be tested and be placed in the level that is best for him accordingly.

Are parent/child swimming classes beneficial?

The least to say is beneficial..!!

This one on one, quality time, bonding activity is a way to learn life’s best safety and survival skills.

It’s so much fun, builds swim readiness skills and introduces good water safety habits.

What should I look for when choosing swim lessons? What does a good program include?

Look for classes and instructors that focus not only on strokes and technique but also on water survival competency skills.

Look for programs that have experience qualified coaches, provide an age-ability appropriate atmosphere, provide safety and hygiene standards, based on perpetual swim lessons, fun environment with a lot of encouragement and recognition

Shall my child stop swimming lessons once he learns the basics??

Swimming is a life skill for safety and survival. everyone should increase their knowledge to learn how to stay safe and save others.

The role of our school is to impart knowledge, tools, and skills to every swimmer to be safe and keep others safe around water.

Why is swimming considered the best among all other sports and activities?

All forms of sports and exercising is beneficial for a person’s health and well being.!

It depends on what the child likes and prefers.. but swimming differs from other activities in that it is a life long activity and potentially a life saving skill which no other activity provides.

Is it still beneficial to learn swimming as an adult?

It’s never too late!!

Don’t feel embarrassed or think twice about learning this highly important vital skill.

We offer private classes for adult that teach the basic swimming safety skills up to the techniques of the four swimming strokes.

Even if u already know how to swim you can always refresh ur knowledge, advance and perfect your skills in our classes.

What if my child has special needs?

Swimming is recommended for all children but they can be especially important for children with special needs.

We have special private classes for children with special needs.

An individualized instruction lesson where there is no distraction, the child has all the time he needs, and the use of safety adaptive equipment is involved.

When was the academy established?

The academy was officially open in 2004..but it goes back years before to the idea, the dream, and the belief of a swimmer who lived the passion of swimming, learned its skills and became an experienced coach teaching its techniques and building a long life activity school.

Is it true that the child should not eat 2 hours before swimming or else will get cramps?? Or is it a myth?

Well, part of this is true..

Eating a heavy meal just before swimming will not only get u cramps but will leave u full and bloated.

Your body needs time to digest food.. and while your stomach is doing so, it needs more blood there to aid with the digestion, leaving less blood in your other muscles which causes cramps.

You can enjoy a light meal before swimming because after all you have to ensure to keep your blood sugar up rather than feeling dizzy in water from hunger.