Have u ever wondered what our logo means?

Our logo is a Blue Circled Water Splash...!
Because it’s the small details that make THE BIG DIFFERENCE...!

BLUE is for both the sky & the sea. Where there is no limit.
Open spaces for hopes, skills, talents, experiences, knowledge, energy, efforts, imagination...
It also resembles depth, trust & freedom.
Blue color positively affects the mind & body, invokes rest, exudes feelings of tranquility and communicates significance, importance & confidence.

The CIRCLE represents unity, wholeness & infinity.
It shows endlessness & timelessness.
It stands for enlightenment & perfection.
It symbolizes focus, cycles & ongoing energy...!!

WATER represents life as it is the source of life.
Nothing survives without water, It is also a symbol of power & strength.
It can carve out mountains to make its way FORWARD!!!!  
Water always goes where it wants to go… and there is nothing that could stand against it…
It teaches us to be flexible & embrace change… to adapt & adjust to any change (liquid-solid-vapor)
It washes off everything… not just mud but anything that clutters in our hearts/minds

The SPLASH resembles the strike, the hit, the power the dominance & the supreme energy…!

Our logo resembles the values instilled in every swimmer at our academy…!!


The pro in ProSwim stands for the professionalism of our academy in this sport.
It also means supporting this activity and always moving forward and doing whatever it takes to reach higher levels.
Here, it’s important to highlight the factors that make us deserve this title:
*hard work
*fair play
*team effort

P: partnership & potential
R: reliability
O: organization
S: synergy & solidarity
W: welcoming
I: integrity
M: mutuality