Train to Train:

Advanced star 1

  • Your child at this level is able to swim crawl and back for a long distance with ease in addition to completing all drills related to them
  • The child will continue on practicing the breaststroke swimming techniques and drills to master it successfully
  • We will still be building his/her endurance and confidence
  • We will start introducing pace and speed to the child’s regime to push him/her further


Advanced star 2

  • At this level, your child is half way through.. confident, skilled and strong with the crawl and back swimming techniques
  • We will continue working on perfecting the breaststroke technique.
  • We will introduce sculling as a way of controlling his/body and building endurance
  • The child will be practicing flips and turns and underwater swimming and monitoring his speed.


Advanced star 3

  • At this level, the child is more and more comfortable with his crawl and back swimming
  • The Child will be so familiar with the breaststroke swimming as well
  • Flips and turns are part of his swimming
  • Fine tuning to his technique is done and working on repetitive mistakes
  • It’s time to introduce some dolphin kicks and the side stroke while working constantly on endurance


Advanced star4

  • At this level the Child will continue on learning the butterfly stroke and practicing its drills
  • Nevertheless crawl, back and breaststroke drills and practices are as important
  • You will notice an obvious improvement in the child’s speed and endurance
  • At this level, flips and turns are mandatory and done successfully


Advanced star 5

  • At this level, the child is swimming the four strokes perfectly and able to perform all drills and practices
  • Speed and endurance are still on schedule
  • Have to pass the Visa federation test