It’s something your child will learn and retain for the entirety of their life.     It’s an ability they will have even as an elderly person. It’s the only sport that has the potential to be a true life saver. Swimming is a life skill!




    1. Drowning is one of the top 5 causes of deaths for people aged 1-14 years old.

    2. Drowning in the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide, accounting for 7% of all injury- related deaths.

    3. There are an estimated 360,000 annual drowning deaths worldwide.

    4. The WHO refers to Drowning as the “leading killer”

    5. For every fatal drowning case at least 4 cases of non-fatal drownings are reported.

    6. Non-fatal drowning entails long term hospitalization & rehabilitation and in many cases results in permanent disability and neurological damages due to prolonged submersion time or delayed life support assistance.

    7. Lebanon’s coastal location and wide exposure to water bodies increases the country’s risk of drowning.

    8. More of 70% of the Lebanese Population resides in coastal cities and many of them practice water related activities like fishing, swimming and recreational sports.

    9. Drowning is PREDICTABLE & PREVENTABLE!!!

    10. The drowning preventive measures implemented in USA, Canada and Australia led to a tremendous success in preventing drowning injuries and reducing drowning fatalities.

    11. It is highly recommended to:
    • Raise public awareness
    • Promote safe environment
    • Teach children to swim
    • Raise awareness of water hazards and understanding of personal limitations.