ProSwim academy will make strenuous efforts and strive to achieve the excellence in service delivery, the highest levels of success, and the continuous improvement of all teaching services, while on the other hand, we do have sets of rules and regulations. The academy has regard to both the physical and mental development of each student. Believing that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind, and in regard to the high importance of learning this life skill, the swimming policy aims to:

  • Comply with the requirements of safety skill tutoring
  • Ensure child’s protection & dignity
  • Provide clarity of rules & responsibilities.


ProSwim academy reserves the right to change or modify any or all of these policies and procedures at anytime. These modifications will be posted both in writing and on the website www.proswim-lb.com and will be effective immediately upon posting. Your continued enrollment in the academy constitutes:

  • your agreement to accept any changes or modifications made
  • your acknowledgment & understanding that it is your responsibility to periodically review the website and the policies to learn of any changes.



  • For all swimmers who are taking private classes and missed their class, we are happy to provide with 2 make-up sessions per package.
  • Notification of absence must be received 24 hours before the schedule class commences to be eligible for a make-up lesson.
  • For all swimmers who are taking group classes and missed their class, make-up sessions are offered upon availability.
  • Make-up lessons DO NOT replace your normal class or reduce your next semester fees.
  • Make-up lessons must be taken in the current semester or they will be fortfeited.. they will not be carried over into the next semester.
  • It is in your child’s best interests that absences are restricted to instances of genuine illness.
  • Make-up lessons that are unattended will be forfeited.
  • No notification and No shows will not be eligible for a make-up lesson.



If at any time you wish to withdraw from your lesson, the academy must receive a notification of your withdrawal 2 weeks before the desired withdrawal date either by calling and notifying or by sending a written letter. If the academy doesn’t receive such a notification, the student’s place in class will be held and charged.



  • The academy does not offer refunds for swimmers who have already started the classes.
  • In case you can no longer attend your current day/time class, our supervisors are at your service to assist you in finding a class that fits your schedule.
  • In the case of extended illness or injury (more than 1 month), we can put your account on hold, until you can resume your lessons.
  • In case of common emergencies, severe weather conditions (floods, hurricanes,....), war, outbreak of pandemic diseases, or any other case of unpredictable and unforeseen events.. which leads to the closure of our academy, there is no refund granted and your account will be put on hold until you can resume your lesson.
  • No refund will be granted in any other case.
  • Make-up sessions are offered as an alternative (subject to make-up sessions terms & conditions).
  • If you are register in a class that has not started yet, we will be happy to refund what you paid.
  • A refund form is to be completed at our supervisor’s desk, prior to end of the current semester.
  • Refunds are not back dated; any request for refund must be completed within the current semester.
  • In the event of missed or cancelled lesson, no refund is granted.



Our semester is a 4 months sessions.. You are not required to rebook every month. Your booking is permanent until you notify us with your withdrawal/cancellation decision.



  • Transfer of fees is allowed ONLY between family members and siblings..
  • Transfer between locations and branches is allowed and applicable..

In case you wish to move your child from one location to another, our supervisors are glad to assist you in checking for availability. If there is no vacancy, your child will be put on a waiting list, until there is an available place for him/her.



Classes that have low enrollment are considered normal classes and will progress with the number of kids present.



We offer 15 mins swim assessment to determine the child’s swim level and which class is best for him/her. If you are interested in seeing how our program works, you are welcome to come and watch a class in action.



  • The fees differ from one location to another.
  • The fees are different between private classes and group classes.
  • The group classes fees depend whether your child is enrolled for 1 session/week or 2 sessions/week…
  • All classes are 1 hour long.
  • Class ratio is 5 swimmers to 1 instructor.
  • A minimum of 30% of the total fees must be paid as a down payment upon registration.
  • You can enroll your child and pay at our supervisor’s desk at each location.
  • Online registration will be launched soon.



  • Photos, recordings, and/or videos might be taken for personal usage only.
  • The academy may use the above for advertising, publicity, the website, promotional activities, and/or educational and training purposes.
  • By agreeing to this policy, you are agreeing & authorizing ProSwim academy of including & using all images, voice recordings, videos, and any other form to be used in media.



  • Please be respectful of all other families, by making sure your children, whether in lesson on not, are supervised all the time.
  • Each parent/guardian is responsible for the child’s safety & good behavior unless that child is in the water with his/her designated instructor.
  • All siblings, friends, cousins and other swimmers who are waiting their turn or class to start are not allowed to run and play at the pool deck, for their SAFETY and for the right of other swimmers already in class not to be disturbed and distracted. (refer to class etiquette)
  • Students suffering from contagious infections are not permitted to enter the swimming pool until they have fully recovered. Kindly get a medical report to ensure your child has completely recovered & ready to resume his training.
  • Make sure the supervisors know the medical histories of your child before enrolling in the swimming program, particularly with respect to epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, heart conditions and others.. You are urged to present a detailed medical report explains the case and what’s recommended.



Parents and their children 4 years of age and above  are urged to use the locker room of their own sex. We have received a lot of complaints after occasions when parents have been in the opposite sex locker room.



If you are late or not ready when the instructor calls for your child, the instructor will only be able to swim the child for the remainder of the allotted scheduled time. Please try to be on time and have your child use the toilet before the lesson commences.



  • Children who are not toilet trained are required to wear protective swim pants. This will help in reducing pool closures in the event of an accident.
  • All diapers and swimming diapers are to be put in the trash cans available.
  • If there are any medical problems, or medical history, you must inform the academy by presenting a doctor’s explained medical report and in case of illness a doctor’s clearance before entering the pool.
  • Shower before entering the pool is mandatory.
  • No glass containers are allowed in the pool area.
  • The taking of photos & videos of your child swimming is allowed but please be aware that other individuals may take offense and may not want to be included in these photos or videos.
  • Lockers are available in the changing rooms for your convenience, however, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Smoking, alcohol, profanity and weapons are strictly prohibited at the pool deck.
  • Please refer to the class etiquette for more information about the swim attire and do’s and don’t s.



In the event of inclement weather, water contamination, pool maintenance, or any other related emergencies, the academy will inform you by text within a day or up to 1 hour before the child’s class.



  • Since our lessons run consecutively, there may not always be time before or after your child’s lesson to speak to the child’s instructor.
  • You can always call or leave a note and our instructors/supervisors will be glad to assist and reply to your concerns.



We realize the importance of maintaining consistency of our swim instructors. We will do our best to minimize staffing changes, and keeping the same instructor to each class weekly. However, there may be occasions when the instructor is absent due to illness, vacation, or time away from work. Your child will need to swim with another instructor. All our instructors are well trained & highly qualified with our curriculum.



The Academy has the right to be selective when deciding to be closed on the occasion of public holidays.



We trust that our members would never take anything that does not belong to them. That being said, sometimes items get misplaced or even taken. The academy is not responsible for any stolen or lost items.



Our supervisors are available to assist you in looking for your lost items. If found by any of our staff, the lost items are safely kept in the Lost & Found items. In case none of our staff has found anything, we are not held responsible for any lost or missing belongings.