Progress Monitoring:

  • ProSwim LEARN TO SWIM program is all about developing confident and competent swimmers through fun & enjoyment and Learn to Swim levels.
  • Each level has a clear set of targets for the swimmer to meet so they can get to the next level.
  • ProSwim academy highly recommends that children don’t just stop going to the swimming classes once they can swim, as increasing their competence in the water helps to make sure they can keep themselves safe.
  • Our program levels not only teach the child the four swim strokes but also a number of other skills that, when put together, give the children the ability to perform different water based sports & activities.
  • Throughout the lesson each coach/instructor will not only teach new skills but will also give feedback & instruction to help the swimmer develop & improve.
  • Throughout the lessons, some swimmers will be asked to perform some different activities than their peers depending on their strengths or weaknesses.
  • Throughout the semester, the coach/instructor will be recording the progress of every child.
  • When the swimmer is able to complete and perform all the outcomes and the targets put in each level CONSISTENTLY, he/she will be rewarded with a medal and a certificate and will be promoted to the higher level.
  • Note that every swimmer progresses differently and at his own pace, depending on the skills, experience, natural competitive spirit, however, all swimmers are continuously motivated and encouraged.
  • There are great motivators for the swimmers who get stuck at a particular level, our coaches are well trained to deal in such situations.
  • Learning to swim is a life skill, and it is very important & highly recommended that a swimmer completes all levels of our program until they become competent and strong. Remember that Learning is just the beginning to Development.
  • After finishing all our levels, the swimmer certainly have built a solid base for swimming and swimming related activities throughout his life, and thus is ready to join our ProSwim Competitive Team.
  • Sometimes the child can struggle in the same level and not complete the targeted outcomes like his peers, the instructors may agree that it would be more beneficial for the child too early up to the next level, but taking into consideration, that they just continue to work on the targeted outcomes that the child has to complete.
  • Disabled children should and are encouraged to take part of the different levels of our program. Knowing that some of them won’t be able to complete all the levels of our program, all the efforts, steps, and additional help is provided to assist in achieving the maximum.


It’s highly important to keep in mind that each child learns differently..!

  • Each child develops confidence and learns skills at his/her own pace. Twins may begin lessons at 6 months; one may be floating on her back with only few lessons while the other might take her longer.
  • A child’s motor skills will play a critical role in the swimmer’s progress. Naturally, as children get older their motor skills improve.
  • The child who learns at a younger age is usually “more natural & comfortable” in water.
  • Previous positive experiences in the water and additional practice opportunities will increase the child’s improvement rate, while any previous negative experience can certainly hinder the child’s ability to progress at a normal rate.
  • A child who is focused, has great effort, and is highly motivated can overcome a lack of natural ability. That’s why-at ProSwim Academy-we do whatever it takes to help build & increase the child’s confidence.
  • We urge you to avoid making comparisons at all costs, as it’s very important to understand that every child CAN and WILL learn to swim despite a lack of natural ability.
  • Our coaches are skilled with a bag full of tricks and solid teaching fundamentals that can make a significant difference in how quickly & effectively a child learns to swim.