Welcoming word

Swimming is my great passion! From my personal experience as a swimmer for 25 years and a coach for more than 20 years, I dived so deep into this sport and found out a lot of its pros and cons. As well as being fun, swimming is a great way to stay fit, stay healthy, and make friends! It’s a healthy activity for a lifetime! Despite its benefits, swimming can be the most boring of all sports.

I believe that by providing a consistent quality instruction that gets the best and fastest results, motivating students and parents as well, and providing high quality facilities.... any kid can be unstoppable and can swim his dreams into reality..! I believe that the small details make the BIG DIFFERENCE! I believe in every dream… and the ability to take this dream to the extreme..!!


We believe that there is only one of you..  and this is the super power.!!  Based on that, we customize a teaching style that works best for each individual’s different needs, abilities, desires, talents, strength & weak points and many other important factors.



From a physical standpoint, our mission is to teach the correct techniques of swimming, in a fun & safe environment!  Starting at early stages and continually refining the strokes through the years of training. It’s critical to make sure kids have the fundamentals of basic body position and core body movements in all four strokes, leveling up to work on speed, endurance and power..!

Mentally, our mission if you focus on building the kid’s self-esteem, confidence, positive self-image, personal accountability, self-care, goal setting and getting...all that by encouraging, empowering, guiding & appreciating. Last but not least, our mission is to continuously raise awareness about the importance of swimming as a basic skill for safety & survival.. and as an excellent value teacher!!



Our vision is to see our logo all over Lebanon and even abroad! Working hardly and nonstop on our skills, knowledge, trainings, programs, staff and team..



Our goals are many:

  1. Build and maintain a united cooperative competitive team with the highest spirit, technique levels and challenging energy.
  2. Teach life lessons and values through swimming which are equally important to techniques and skills.. We want to make a difference in every swimmer’s life...making champions for life..in and out of the pool!!!
  3. It is very important for us to teach every swimmer, through experience, the acceptance and ways of dealing with success and failure..
  4. It is essential for us to guide our swimmers and lead them by example by giving your best, never giving up, enjoying every minute of the process and above all completion of your goals!!
  5. Our goal is to build a healthy strong equal partnership between the coach and the swimmer.
  6. A strong relationship that gets the best results.
  7. We aim to educate the parents as well and get them involved in their kid’s progression, as they play a major role in motivating, supporting, following up and instructing.
  8. We believe that the small things make the BIG DIFFERENCE and with the right inspiration and motivation any kid would be unstoppable and can swim his dreams into reality!!!